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How to choose form
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-Use this free guide to help you choose someone who's right for YOU. -

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I know it can be a minefield trying to navigate the Wedding Video space, especially if you've never spoken to a videographer before. Not to mention you're already exhausted thinking about all the other aspects of planning a Wedding. It can be over-whelming.

So I've created this free resource for you, hopefully it can help make your life a little easier :).

- Liam


"What questions do I ask?"

"How do I know a good videographer from a bad one?"

"How do I choose from so many different options? And  which one's right for me!?"


All these questions and more answered in this quick and easy step by step guide.

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Beth + Stuart

Stu + Beth Highlight Films.00_02_32_06.Still059.png

This is a classic example of a definitive Bohemian Wedding Film. Stuart and Beth, what a beautiful couple! Thank you for inviting me to be apart of your Wedding.


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