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Welcome to the Gallery, here you'll get a taste of your Wedding Film to come!

I've included a few of my favourites, some newer and some older. It's worth seeing a  few of the different styles you can chose from!

Stu + Beth Highlight Films.00_01_35_06.Still030.png

Beth +

Stu + Beth Highlight Films.00_02_32_06.Still059.png

This is a classic example of a definitive Bohemian Wedding Film, exactly the style we like to shoot and how we like to shoot it! Enjoy!

Stu + Beth Highlight Films.00_03_24_13.Still080.png

Kate+ Jack

Kate + Jack Highlight Film.00_02_10_20.Still096.jpg

"I couldn't have asked for a more fun day to be apart of! These two were absolutely amazing! Beer pong was a definite highlight!"

Kate + Jack Highlight Film.00_02_17_08.Still099.jpg
Jackie + Sam Re-render.00_24_51_19.Still006.png

Alyx + Dan

Jackie + Sam Re-render.00_24_05_19.Still005.png

This is an older one, four years now! But I love to include it in the Gallery because it was such a beautiful day, with such a -made for each other- couple.

Jackie + Sam Re-render.00_23_59_21.Still002.png

Katie + Ross

Katie + Ross The Bohemian Story.00_08_56_16.Still157.jpg

This Beautiful kind hearted couple had a stunningly magical day this summer! Fantastic guests and stunning venue. So much love for these two.

Katie + Ross The Bohemian Story.00_01_18_19.Still016.jpg

Charlotte + Mitchell

Jackie + Sam Re-render.00_10_44_02.Still028.png

A beautifully 

refreshing young couple, as happy as it gets. And what a location! That archway!

What do we do now?

I'm In love!

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