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What do we get
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  • Your Wedding filmed in our bespoke Bohemian Style.

  • Exceptional quality. Delivered every time.

  • All moments captured, precious memories, yours forever.

  • A beautiful Wedding day experience. The delicate combination of enjoying having us there on the day, but never feeling as though we're in the way.

  • 10+ Years of Wedding Film making expertise. 

  • 3-5 Minutes Highlight Film.

  • 60 Minute Feature Film. (Selected Packages)

  • 50+ Vintage Photographs.

  • 100+ Stills from the day.

  • Films and Photographs delivered to your doorstep.

  • Online links to share with friends.

  • REELS from each section of the day to share on social media

When will we get it
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  • 50+ Vintage photographs NEXT DAY DELIVERY to your inbox.

  • Films ready within ONE WEEK, including online link to share.

  • 100+ Stills received within the week after your film has been delivered.

  • REELS sections received within the week after your film has been delivered.

What do we have to do
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  • Very little. I'll take care of everything and make this experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. You will:​

  • Secure your date instantly. As soon as you're ready to book, we'll book you in. Simple.

  • Get all the information you need in one Email

  • Get to know me in one phone or zoom call

  • Never need to worry about posing or looking your best for the video. I’ll take care of that, I promise you’ll feel at ease and look stunning without effort.

  • Not need to feed me, I’ll prepare my own food to keep me properly fuelled up and peak performing on the day.

  • Get everything delivered to your inbox and your door.​​

  • Once you've booked, there's nothing else to think about, your Film is in our hands, and we've got everything under control.

  • All I need from you is:

  • 1 Email with your Wedding schedule and venue location.​

  • Your Deposit.

Will We Be Happy?
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  • Unlimited Amendments. If you'd like something changed, you got it.

  • Long term experience = guaranteed to get it right first time. There are no repeats on a Wedding Day!

  • Dedication to excellence. A personal Guarantee that's extremely important to me.

  • 100% Happiness rating - A pretty accurate guess ;). As their Film and Photos start to roll in I typically receive messages saying things like: 

    • "​Thankyou so much! We can't stop watching it! You've done such an amazing job, we couldn't have asked for more <3 "

    • "We're so thankful for this! The day went by so fast we forgot about half of what happened!"​

    • "Best Wedding present ever. We can't thank you enough for all your hard work Liam, you've done an amazing job and it was a pleasure to have you with us on the day."

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