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Meet Liam

Lifetime filmmaker accepting the call, niching down and focusing on what I really love; heart warming love stories with a vintage bohemian style. -

In the last five years or so I've been travelling around, sewing my filmmaker oats, shooting for resorts in Morocco, working for Redbull shooting Parkour videos, Music videos, Branding videos, alongside shooting a few Wedding Films here and there. This was an incredible experience and an incredible time! But there was always that unmistakable itch that something was lacking. Then the pandemic hit, the travel stopped and immediately I saw the reality of what was really important. Love and Relationships.

I had to start thinking about how I could align my passion for filmmaking with what I now knew was important. What eventually came to me was the feeling I had when I filmed my first Wedding Video - it was for my dad. Him and his wife Julie were so overjoyed! Never in my mind could I have made anyone so happy. Of course the video was shaky and clunky and took me about a year to edit (This was over ten years ago now). But the passion I got from capturing the pure love in the relationship allowed me to put my heart and soul into the piece. It showed me I had something real I could use to make people happy and it made me incredibly happy to give that gift.


My Dad's Wedding (10 years ago)  -

Dad and julie.png

There's something about a Bohemian style that I've always loved. Barefoot on the grass, vintage 35mm, old school T1 VW Campervans - pretty much anything that looks like it's fresh out of the 60's, it all looks like a golden hue memory. And I've always made films that have this sense to them. I just feel it's important to preserve the happiest moments in our lives, and there's something very warm and nostalgic about the Bohemian aesthetic.

As well as that I'm a pretty Bohemian guy myself, and this allows me to meet and connect with more people who are similar. I've never felt comfortable at stuffy Weddings full of pressure. For me, Weddings are about having a relaxed, intimate time - celebrating the love and connection of the couple, as well as the family and friends, and Bohemian Weddings suit that down to a tee.

So this is the culmination - Bohemian Wedding Films - I'm super excited to bring my passion and love to your Wedding Day, to give you the best gift I'm capable of giving, and to make you both the happiest I know how. I'm looking forward to meeting you and learning about your story.

Drop me a line and let's get to know each other:-

Located - 

Bohemian Wedding Films is located in the UK, but I'm more than happy to travel the world with you on your unique adventure.

So, Bohemian Wedding Films..?

"I've got questions!"

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